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We are living through some difficult times right now. So many people have been stuck at home, unable to travel, postponing meaningful celebrations and unsure about what health and safety protocols are in place and in which cities. Our number one priority always has been our client’s comfort and safety, and that’s even more essential right now. In order to keep everyone secure and healthy during the times we are living in, we have lots of ideas and options to get creative with your plans. All it takes is a little adjusting and we want to help. 

If you don’t want to risk flying in the tight quarters of an airplane, why not drive? Where are you located? What’s close by? There are so many amazing cities all over the US that would be perfect for a long weekend trip. Don’t let unfamiliarity stop you, thats exactly what we’re here for. We can assist in finding the perfect pivots to fit your needs. We’ll get as involved as you’d like us to.  


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How to make it special

Have friends that had to postpone their wedding due to COVID restrictions and now they’re finally ready to plan their bachelor and bachelorette parties?  We’ve planned too many bachelor and bachelorette parties to count so you’re in luck! We will make sure everyone is comfortable and happy! 

From milestone birthdays to long awaited stag parties. From girls trips to a weekend with the boys. Whatever it is you want to plan, don’t let the restrictions stop you. We’re here to ensure you make amazing memories, while staying safe, sanitary and socially distanced if you so choose!  

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Three Girls on Road Trip Through Mountains
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Stag Party at an ATV Excursion
Group of girlfriends enjoying a beach party while traveling
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